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Meet The Team


Roya Bayat

R&R Barbershop & Salon was founded by Roya Bayat in the heart of Lafayette. Roya graduated from an Art Institute and began her career as a sculptor. She went on to win many international awards in the field of visual arts. Her passion and creativity led her to fashion and cosmetology. Roya is an established entrepreneur and business broker, and is trained in Vidal Sassoon style hair cutting as well as Wella and Alfaparf Milano coloring techniques. Roya also worked under José Eber in Beverly Hills. Roya specializes in balayage and highlights.


Robin Graham

Robin is a master barber, cosmetologist and champion amateur boxer. With over 25 years of experience in the hair industry, he has worked with many master stylists such as Yosh Toya and Max Eli. Additionally, Robin partnered with Max Eli to create a hair color company, Color Wave Consultants, which dominated the market for ten years. Robin worked in the fashion industry doing editorial photoshoots and catwalk shows for acclaimed magazine and fashion designers.

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Elli started her journey in Germany's Cosmetology school in 1998, followed by 7 years of perfecting her skills in Los Angeles and an additional 8 years in the Bay Area. Specializing in a range of services, from haircuts to highlights and full-color transformations, Elli is known for her client-centered approach and attention to detail. Her expertise ensures that each individual's unique style is beautifully accentuated. Elli can be trusted to bring any hair vision to life with her artistic touch.

Zuka Dog


Zuka is a two-year-old playful, friendly and intelligent Samoyed. Samoyeds were bred for herding reindeer and pulling sleds. They are also called "Smiling Sammy" due to the permanent smile on their faces. When Zuka is not too busy pulling us around on skateboards, he spends his days with the R&R family greeting people as our shop mascot. Zuka loves to shake paws and will gladly roll over for a belly rub. 

Barber Scissors

"Roya and Robin are top notch stylists and an adorable, hard working family. Every member of my family loves going there to get our hair done (and enjoy refreshments and great company)."

- Alexis C.

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